Our first day at school,
was very exciting and cool.

Ramsgate is a very beautiful city,
and the sea is really pretty.

Poundland is very nice,
because there you get things for a low price.

On our second day we went to Canterbury,
so we had no chance to worry.

In the morning of our third day we wanted to have a good weather,
but it wasn´t that good, so we hoped that it will get better.

With our host familys we have a lot of fun,
the only bad thing in england is, that if you cross the street you have to run.

Cambridge was very interesting and funny,
and Brighton was good to spent a lot of money.

Then we went to Dover,
and so our last trip out of Ramsgate was over.

Our trips were not tricky,
but the Journey was over quickly! :-)

(Leonie Gschladt, 3b)