In May our class 3d went to the Torture Museum in 1060 Vienna next to the Haus des Meeres, with our class teacher Fr. Thaller and Ms. Potter, the native speaker teacher.

From the outside it didn’t look very big or special, but it made us curious. Then we saw that it´s in an underground bunker, which is quite large and could fit about 3,000 people. It was only for the very wealthy citizens to keep safe at that time.

Inside it felt very intimidating, cold, and dark, and it smelled moldy and old. But our tour guide was very nice and informative. We learned about the time when torture was allowed, how the machines worked, and which crimes were punished. For example Mary Antoinette was killed by decapitation with the guillotine, and witches were hanged over a bonfire and burned.

Today there is only one country in Europe that still allows the death penalty, and the Amnesty International is working on preventing torture world-wide. At the end of our tour we learned that over 900,000 whips were given with a stick in school since the 1800’s. And 2 million slaps were given with the hand. So, let’s stop our complaining and be happy for what we have nowadays!!