In January the 3 AM took part in an intensive language course organised by “English in Action”. The teacher Ian is a native speaker from Great Britain. He did many different funny activities with the students to help them improve their English. This is what the students say about the course:


English in Action was a great experience because we talked a lot and did role plays. I could improve my listening and reading skills. After this week, I feel more confident to use the language.

English in Action was fun. I have learned and improved my English a lot. I can recommend the course for other students as well. The teacher Ian was nice and always in a good mood. I like his accent.

Speaking English for a whole week has helped me to improve my language skills a lot. Playing games in English is quite useful because you use many words that you normally don’t come across in a regular English lesson.

I liked the quizzes a lot, but I wasn’t so happy about the activity “Building a tower” as well as the presentations at the end of the week.

The English in Action course was very interesting, because we learned a lot about correct pronunciation and sentence structure. We also focused on listening tasks and on how to identify a “red herring”.

The course was OK. We spoke English throughout the week and some games and quizzes were really fun. However, Ian was sometimes too serious and I found it hard to understand his accent.

The English in Action course has helped us to prepare for the A-Levels. I think everybody has improved his/her language skills in a different way. We had a great time with our teacher Ian and did a lot of useful activities. All in all, I can say that the course was worth the money.

All in all, English in Action was a great experience and I could improve my language skills. Ian is a very likeable and nice guy. Now I feel more comfortable with the language.